The Federalization of Local Police Departments How’s It Going: ‘The Oakland Police Department has been under federal oversight since 2003’ The Baltimore Police Department Since 2017 And ‘In 1997, Pittsburgh became the first’

‘As rocks and bricks rained down on Philly police, candidate Biden tweeted about the beloved Walter Wallace Jr.’

Firearms And Policing Expert Joe Biden Says We Should Train Cops To Shoot Armed Criminals In The Leg

“So, instead of anybody coming at you and the first thing you do is shoot to kill, you shoot them in the leg,” Joe Biden.

“Instead of standing there and teaching a cop when there’s an unarmed person coming at him with a knife or something to shoot him in the leg instead of in the heart,” Joe Biden.

Biden to target police departments using “consent decrees”

At the time, Sessions said, “Consent decrees have a profound effect on our legal system as they constitute an end-run around the democratic process.” Biden’s website said that his theoretical administration will “expand and use the power of the U.S. Justice Department to address systemic misconduct in police departments and prosecutor’s offices.”

The Feds Are Investigating Local Police Departments Again. Here’s What …

May 3, 2021The Oakland Police Department has been under a consent decree since 2003. Over the past three decades, the Justice Department has conducted more than 70 investigations of local police departments. The Obama administration, for example, conducted 25 investigations and entered into 14 consent decrees. Stateline Story October 1, 2020

Oakland fires police chief for alleged misconduct cover-up

The Oakland Police Department has been under federal oversight since 2003 due to complaints of abuse of power.

2021 is Oakland’s deadliest year since 2006

2020- Oakland, CA Reported One of the Highest Murder Rates in the US

Crime rate in Oakland, CA – City-Data – It was higher than in 98.7% U.S. cities.

The Federal Government Has Been Overseeing The Baltimore Police Department Since 2017

Our [consent decrees]… I think, really do serve as blueprints for communities around the country…” Vanita Gupta head of Obama’s Civil Rights Division at the U.S. Department of Justice until January 20, 2017

2017 Baltimore Homicide Rate Highest Ever

2018 – ‘Neighborhoods are crying out’: Baltimore has highest homicide rate of U.S. big cities

2019 – Baltimore sees second deadliest year on record in 2019, homicide clearance rate under 40 percent

‘Democrat-run cities have highest homicide rates’ Even Baltimore After Obama’s DOJ Fixed The Baltimore Police Department

Justice Department Reaches Agreement with City of Baltimore to Reform Police Department’s Unconstitutional Practices

January 12, 2017

“Under the consent decree, the city and BPD will implement comprehensive reforms to end the legacy of Baltimore’s ‘zero tolerance’ policing,” said Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta, head of the Civil Rights Division.  “In its place, BPD will empower its officers to engage in proactive, community-oriented policing.  And given our experiences in many other cities, I firmly believe that when focused, measurable and detailed reforms are implemented effectively, they restore community trust and advance officer and public safety.”

This investigation was conducted by the Civil Rights Division’s Special Litigation Section with the assistance of law enforcement professionals pursuant to the pattern or practice provision of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994.  Since 2009, the Special Litigation Section has opened 25 investigations into law enforcement agencies.  The section is enforcing 20 agreements with law enforcement agencies, including 15 consent decrees and one post-judgment order.

Federal Intervention in Local Policing: Pittsburgh’s Experience with a Consent Decree…

The overarching research questions asked: Can a reform process imposed by the Federal Government succeed? And can reforms remain in place after the Federal process has been completed? Evidence indicates that the answer to both questions is yes.

In 1997, Pittsburgh became the first city to enter into a consent decree with the U.S. Department of Justice due to police misconduct problems.

2021 – Homicides, violent crimes surging in Pittsburgh this year

Pittsburgh’s soaring homicide rate leaves officials baffled

Oct 27, 2022Pittsburgh had 16.7 homicides per 100,000 residents from 2010 to 2018, compared to a 19.3 rate from Cincinnati, whose population is similarly sized to Pittsburgh’s, and a 21.1 rate in…

KDKA Investigates ‘Crime Without Punishment’: Pittsburgh homicide rates tumbling…

Jun 29, 2022In just the past three years, the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police’s record of solving homicides has fallen closer in line with national levels — from 75.4% in 2018 to 55.6% last year and just 22% so …

Retired cop: Defund the police first step toward federalizing the police

The federalization of local law enforcement

Though a rapid transition to a federalized police force is unlikely here in America, an incremental shift to greater federal control is already occurring. These efforts will be difficult to forestall as Washington plays an increasingly intrusive role in local law enforcement.

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