For Where America’s Futrue Look To California: In 2023 The Immigrant Share of The U.S. Population Will Hit Its Highest Level In U.S. History… And Continue to Rise

After years of being an open-border sanctuary, Sweden has performed a massive U-turn on its attitude towards immigration after determining that “integration is no longer successful.”

Sweden joins the ranks of Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czechia, and Slovakia in refusing to accept migrants…

Biden Admin Shatters All-Time Record For Number Of Illegal Alien…

Jan 20, 2023December’s numbers mean that the Biden administration has now experienced ten straight months of 200,000+ illegal alien encounters per month on the southern border. “A reminder, there have been approximately 1.2 million known gotaways at the southern border since President Biden took office,” Fox News reporter Bill Melugin tweeted.

California’s Crime Epidemic – The American Spectator

This is where America is headed in tolerating illegal-immigrant crime

Californians continue to struggle with a lack of safe, sanitary drinking water

The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on California Taxpayers

By a wide margin, California has the highest number of illegal aliens of any state, accounting for over 21 percent of the entire illegal alien population in the United States. According to FAIR’s estimate, California hosts approximately 2,646,000 illegal aliens. [9]

Illegal Immigrants Cause Public School Crisis | Judicial Watch

There are an estimated 1.5 million school-aged illegal immigrants in the United States and the government spends an estimated $12 billion annually to educate them. The biggest chunks are spent by California ($7.7 billion) and Texas ($3.9 billion), where the situation has become a public education crisis with no end in sight.

‘We have failed’: how California’s homelessness catastrophe is worsening

California leaving: State population declines for first time

California Demands Electric Vehicles But Can’t Keep the Lights On

California faces a ‘big short’ in vital commodities

SD residents say homeless problem is ‘out of control’

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