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It’s Okay to be White

Greg Johnson • July 23, 2020

There’s an easy way to find out. In a white supremacist society, you should be able to declare that “It’s okay to be white” without controversy or consequences.

Clearly, one could object to a statement as innocuous as “It’s okay to be white” only if one really has something against white people, specifically a deep hatred or prejudice. This is why it is such a useful diagnostic tool.

Susquehanna University promptly removes ‘It’s OK to Be White’ posters

While the signs did not contain hate speech, President Jonathan Green said in a message to students, faculty and staff the language has been associated with white supremacy movements.

Dilbert creator sparks firestorm with strong reaction to poll showing 47% of blacks not willing to say it’s ok to be white

February 24, 2023 | Terresa Monroe-Hamilton |

Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams commented on his podcast Wednesday that the results of a Rasmussen poll that showed 47% of black respondents were not willing to say it’s okay to be white convinced him that African-Americans are a “hate group.”

Adams asserted on his podcast “Coffee with Scott Adams” that according to the poll, there is “no fixing” the current racial tension in America and that whites should stay away from blacks.

After reviewing the Rasmussen poll, Adams proclaimed that it was the “first political poll that ever changed my activities.”

He said the poll revealed that 26% of black respondents said it’s “not OK to be white” and 21% said, “They weren’t sure.”

“That’s 47% of blacks not willing to say it’s OK to be white. That’s like a real poll. This just happened,” he remarked tongue-in-cheek.

Dilbert creator Scott Adams says that Rasmussen poll showing high level of Black racial animosity against Whites is the first opinion poll that has ever caused him to change his behavior pic.twitter.com/7UrLJxDAZA

— National Conservative (@NatCon2022) February 22, 2023

“I’ve been identifying as black for a while because I like to be on the winning team,” Adams snarked. “And I like to help. I always thought if you help the black community, that’s sort of the biggest lever, you could find the biggest benefit.”


Dilbert cartoon dropped by US newspapers over creator’s racist comments

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Vandals place controversial stickers all over Emmaus


That’s how people around Emmaus are reacting after finding out that for about three weeks now somebody’s been putting up signs and stickers with these words on them: ‘It’s okay to be white.’

Black Pride: A Short History of the “Black is Beautiful” Movement

“White Pride” | ADL

Extremism, Terrorism & Bigotry “White Pride” is a white supremacist slogan…

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