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Radical-Dems Affinity For Criminals Produce Results: All Portland Walmart stores to permanently close in late March

100 days of Black Lives Matter protests in Portland: Timeline and photos trace the arc of events

Crime turned Portland into a ‘hollowed out shell.’ Its neighbors are to keep it from happening to them

Portland’s crime problem can be partially attributed to the 2020 efforts to defund police,

Addiction and Decriminalization Fuel a West Coast Shoplifting Boom.

Blatant’ Oregon shoplifters walk out of Lowe’s with full carts: ‘Don’t ..

All Portland Walmart stores to permanently close in late March

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“We’re experiencing a silent invasion of military age men,” Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe.

The “silent invasion,” Coe said, is being committed primarily by single, military age men between the ages of 17 and 45 who are illegally entering the U.S. They’re wearing camouflage and carrying backpacks, according to video captured by cameras placed throughout the county viewed by The Center Square. Many are armed and dangerous, committing robberies and engaging in shootouts with law enforcement, Coe said.

The men are believed to be working or associated with Mexican cartels. Once they arrive in major U.S. cities, they are embedded with gangs and or cartel affiliates acting like a “Trojan horse,” Coe said. “They set up in our cities, take over through voting and or crime, and scare the local people who move out. It’s happening in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio,” he said, where crime has also exponentially increased over the last few years.

A retired Border Patrol agent, Coe took office Jan 1, 2017, and says he’s never seen what’s he seeing now in his entire life. Things first started getting bad after President Joe Biden altered border security and immigration policies, and have only gotten worse since, he said.

Number of Chinese migrants caught at southern border skyrockets over 700%

4,100 Russians arrested trying to illegally enter US from Mexico this year

Border patrol agent shares photos of criminals crossing into US

US border authorities have posted online a terrifying gallery of illegal immigrants they recently busted crossing in from Mexico — including suspected pedophiles, rapists and murderers.

Border Patrol Officers Catch 32 Camouflage-Clad Mexican Nationals Illegally Crossing Border

Texas Sheriff: We’re Experiencing ‘Silent Invasion’ of Military Age Men

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