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A Tale of Two Very Different Worlds

Karine Jean-Pierre Refuses To Say If Biden Supports Armed Security At Schools

Locked and loaded. Men armed with guns protecting America’s greatest treasure.
“Weapon Free School Zone” sign protecting American children.

Research on School Safety: Schools that Allow Teachers to Carry Guns haven’t seen school shootings during school hours

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“It’s been a good day” Former FBI Director James Comey Who ‘Lied To Congress’ Celebrates Indictment of Former U.S. President Donald Trump

Comey, in Biden-Harris T-Shirt, Tweets: ‘Vote For Your Country’

Comey’s wife tells how she was ‘devastated’ at Trump’s victory

IG Report: Comey Lied To Congress About FBI Probe Of Trump Campaign

Inspector general says Comey violated policy by leaking memos, but DOJ declines to prosecute

Ex-FBI Director James Comey calls Trump indictment ‘a good day’

New York Post|2 hours ago

Former FBI Director James Comey celebrated Thursday’s grand jury indictment of his former boss, Donald Trump, saying the unprecedented legal step of charging a former US president with a crime made it a “good day.” “It’s been a good day …

Joseph diGenova: James ‘Cardinal’ Comey — the man who destroyed the FBI

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Radical Left-wing Extremist Insurrectionists Storm Tennessee’s State Capitol Ahead of Saturday’s Trans Day of Vengeance

Gun control activists storm Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville after ‘Trans Shaman’ led occupation of Kentucky legislature – amid fears of left-wing uprising ahead of Saturday’s Trans Day of Vengeance

Footage of the ongoing insurrection, posted to social media just before 2pm, shows progressive protesters attempting to enter the Nashville legislation building, and being batted away by several members of the city’s sheriff’s department. Such dramatics were not exclusive to Nashville, however – as feelings of unrest continue to boil after a recent mass shooting at a city school involving a transgender gunman who once attended the institution. Hours earlier, outside Kentucky’s State Capitol in Frankfort, an unrelated procession featuring a clergy-clothes-clad activist in clown makeup and satanic garb assembled to protest their governor’s vetoing of a bill banning medical treatments for trans kids.

Biden: “you should come” – “La invitacion” is what the cartels call Biden’s open-border policies…”

Biden’s 2019 ‘Surge To The Border’ Comments … – The Daily Wire

“That’s who we are. We’re a nation who says, if you want to flee, and you’re freeing oppression, you should come,” Presidential Candidate Joe Biden.

Biden on Border Agents With Reins: “I Promise You, Those People Will Pay”

No Apology from Biden One Year After Falsely Accusing Horse-Mounted Border Patrol Agents of ‘Strapping’ [illegal aliens]

Records Are Made To Be Broken You Go Girl : Women’s Bench Press Record Shattered By Nearly 100 lbs

Joe Biden Tells Mom He Supports Transgendering Eight-Year-Old Kids

Biden: There Isn’t A ‘Single Thing A Man Can Do’ That A Woman Can’t Do Better

‘Trans Women Are Women’: NHL Goes Ultra Woke, Supports All-Trans and Nonbinary Hockey Tournament

NPR has deleted a tweet claiming that there was “limited scientific evidence of physical advantage” of male athletes over women athletes

Male powerlifter enters women’s event, breaks record

He then casually bench-pressed nearly 370 pounds — beating the current Alberta women’s record by almost 100 pounds.

The current record — 275 pounds — is held by trans athlete Anne Andres, who was seen watching Silverberg while

Don’t Be The Problem Be A Hero:

Dr. Rachel Levine named as one of USA Today’s Women of the Year

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The United Federation of Teachers Cancels $25 Virtual Workshop On How To Resist The ‘harmful effects of whiteness in our lives’

When Is It OK To Kill Whites? – The American Conservative

“In order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people might have to die,” Former Texas A&M Professor Tommy Curry.

I wonder what it is like to be a white student studying under Dr. Curry in his classroom?

Dr. Tommy J. Curry is Leaving the U.S. to Establish Black Male Studies …

Dr. Tommy J. Curry—arguably one of the nation’s most prolific philosophers of race, whose research focuses on the Black male experience— is leaving the United States to become the Chair of Africana Philosophy and Black Male Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

Participants will leave the workshop with a better understanding of how to center ourselves as a form of resistance against the harmful effects of whiteness in our lives…

NYC teachers union’s workshop on ‘harmful effects of whiteness’ canceled after influx of ‘hate’

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‘Brazil, China strike trade deal agreement to ditch US dollar’

Brazil, China strike trade deal agreement to ditch US dollar

March 29, 2023 8:56pm EDT Brazil, China strike trade deal agreement to ditch US dollar China overtook the United States as Brazil’s top trading partner in 2009 .

India, Russia and China Lead in Ditching the US Dollar as the Global ..

Top 5 countries opting to ditch US dollar & the reasons behind their .

Iran-Saudi Pact Is Brokered by China, Leaving U.S. on Sidelines – The …

Russia Turns to China’s Yuan in Effort to Ditch the Dollar

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‘Those who seek to suppress disinformation may be destined, themselves, to sow it.’

‘I’ve spent too many years in censored countries like Egypt, Russia and China to believe that our disinformation problem can be solved by monitoring speech and sorting out acceptable from unacceptable ideas. You end up in a society where nobody really believes anything,’ New York Times opinion writer Megan Stack.

Biden Calls for Censoring Americans in the Name of Public Health

Biden declares war on the 80M unvaccinated Americans

Biden Tells Police Vaccine Holdouts: ‘Yes,’ You Should Be Fired

Biden says ‘vaccinated people won’t catch COVID-19’

President Joe Biden claimed in July 2021 that people vaccinated against COVID-19 would not catch the virus, exactly a year before he tested positive for COVID-19

Now New York Times turns on Fauci: Former China correspondent slams COVID tsar’s efforts to tamp down lab leak theory, lies about effectiveness of masks and keenness to impose stringent lockdown rules

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‘Clearly @POTUS has different priorities.’

“That’s who we are. We’re a nation who says, if you want to flee, and you’re freeing oppression, you should come,” Presidential Candidate Joe Biden.

Fentanyl overdoses become No. 1 cause of death among US … – Fox N

Border agents reported a 1,066% increase in fentanyl seized in … – CNN

Trans Shooter Takedown: Cops can be seen running up stairs before turning a corner to confront Shooter.

REVEALED: Hero Nashville cop who took down transgender school shooter is Marine Corps vet who responded to Christmas 2020 bombing – while work partner was awarded for his sterling policing just last week

Murdered Nashville principal ran TOWARDS trans shooter to protect her children after hearing first shot while on Zoom call, local official says

Moment brave cop takes down Nashville school shooter with precision shots before colleague finishes her off on the ground: Police release six minutes of hellish bodycam footage

The disturbing footage shows the moment (left) heroic Nashville police officers (inset) took down mass shooter Audrey Hale (right) at The Covenant School. No children are shown. The shooter was shot dead on the second floor of the school, in what looks like an atrium, after killing three children and three staff members. Cops can be seen running up stairs before turning a corner to confront Hale. They could be heard screaming ‘stop moving… hands away from the gun’ after taking out the trans shooter. Nashville police chief John Drake said Hale used to be a student at the private Christian school and had a map of the building marking possible entry points and conducted surveillance before carrying out the attack.

I’m planning to die today… you’ll probably hear about me on the news’: Trans school shooter Audrey Hale’s final messages to a friend before she shot six people – including three kids in private Christian school

CBS News Attempting To Confirm Trans Shooter’s Gender Identity Least They Mispronoun The Murderer › detroit › news › nashville-school-shooting-suspect-what-we-know

Nashville school shooting suspect was a 28-year-old former student

Today The suspected shooter, who was fatally shot by police, was identified as 28-year-old Audrey Hale from Nashville, authorities said. CBS News is attempting to confirm Hale’s gender identity.