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Are You Normal? “I HOPE THE POLICE DEPARTMENT HAS MET IT’S EQUITY GOALS FOR THE YEAR?” “Normal people understand that equity = bigotry.”

Pennsylvania well represented in the “Not Normal” category.

Trifecta: Karine Jean-Pierre starts debut briefing by saying she’s the first ‘black, gay, immigrant woman’ to hold position

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‘Chicago’s first black lesbian mayor’ And ‘Worst mayor in America’ Blames ‘crushing re-election defeat’ On – Wait For It – Racism And Gender

Conservatives rejoice as ‘tyrannical and incompetent’ Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot suffers crushing re-election defeat – with Chicagoans blaming her for huge spike in crime (but she says it’s because she’s a black woman)

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blames loss on racism, gender

Democratic Mayors Defunded Their Police, While Spending Millions On Their Own Police Protection – Forbes

Chicago cops turn backs on Lori Lightfoot after police shooting

Chicago’s 797 homicides in 2021 highest in 25 years, most of any US city

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Three Kansas City Police Officers Shot Serving Warrant

Three Kansas City police officers are shot during standoff: ‘We’ve been reminded too much lately how dangerous police work can be’ 

The unidentified officers were serving a search warrant on the 2300 block of Blue Ridge Boulevard at around 9.30pm when they were shot while breaching a door.

What Do You Call $7.2 Billion In Weapons Left To The Taliban? If You’re Joe Biden From Scranton An ‘extraordinary success’

“So there’s no US actions being taken to prevent equipment from falling into the hands of the Taliban by destroying it or anything else?” U.S. Army Major General Hank Taylor: “I don’t have the answer to that question.”

Taliban Shows off Seized US Weapons, Night Vision, Radios …

A clueless Biden declares Afghan mission ‘extraordinary success’

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