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Democrat Joe ‘Biden actually claims ‘MAGA Republicans are calling for defunding the police’ – and gets lambasted as a liar’

Biden actually claims ‘MAGA Republicans are calling for defunding the police’ – and gets lambasted as a liar

Looking Back: Democrats Push to Defund the Police

From the White House to the Speaker’s Office, Democrats are scrambling to distance themselves from the slogan they once so proudly championed – ‘Defund the Police.’ This was a rallying cry for progressives throughout the last year, but after losing nearly a dozen seats and seeing the latest polling, Democrats are now claiming it was actually Republicans who wanted to defund the police… no, really. We didn’t think it was serious either. It’s a messaging strategy so distorted and bizarre even the Washington Post gave it 3 Pinocchios.


Illegal Immigration Tab: $182 Billion, $1,156 Per Taxpayer

Biden Immigration Policies Impose Crushing Burden on Already-Strained Schools

“By almost every metric, America’s education system is already failing our kids whose critical skills lag behind those of almost every one of our global competitors,” noted Dan Stein, president of FAIR. “Meanwhile, schools all across the country are being burdened with a surge of new non-English-speaking kids by Biden administration policies that virtually assure admission to UACs and anyone who enters illegally in the company of a minor.”

Increasing Share of U.S. Households Paying No Income Tax

57% of U.S. households paid no federal income tax in 2021

Not ‘Illegal Alien,” But ‘Undocumented Noncitizen’ Under New Biden Policy

WATCH: Video Captures Hundreds Of Illegal Immigrants Walking Across Border Unimpeded — Biden’s Open Border Policy At Work

Biden’s welcome program for illegal immigrants

Families feel the squeeze of Biden’s inflation – New York Post

Feb 10, 2022 His monthly costs to pay utility bills and necessities jumped about 20 percent — from $3,000 to $3,600. His Con Ed electric bill skyrocketed from $185.90 in December to $280.46 in January….

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Scranton Values?: Biden’s budget text was heavy on words such as ‘equity’, ‘transgender’ and ‘queer’, but less focused on topics such as ‘border’, ‘opioids’ and ‘fentanyl’.

“As president, I will lead this country as I’ve led my entire career – with Scranton values,” Joe Biden said.

Bringing Them “Scranton Values” to Washington, D.C since being elected to the U.S. Senate from the state of Delaware in 1972.

Biden’s ‘Scranton Values’: “He’s from Delaware, isn’t he?”

Biden’s policies have not revived Scranton. But few there blame him.

Biden’s huge 1972 upset gave way to a 36-year Senate career, eight years in the vice presidency, and now a third run for the presidency

Priorities, Joe? President’s new budget mentions ‘equity’ 63 times, ‘transgender’ eight times and ‘queer’ seven times – but ‘fentanyl’ is only used twice, while ‘opioid’ appears just four times

Joe Biden’s budget text was heavy on words such as ‘equity’, ‘transgender’ and ‘queer’, but less focused on topics such as ‘border’, ‘opioids’ and ‘fentanyl’. ‘Equity’, a key focus, was mentioned in the context of racial equity, equal access to healthcare, and equity for veterans. The language audit by Fox News has sparked criticism from some conservatives that Biden continues to be led by the most progressive elements of his White House cabinet.

“If he stays in the senate until the end of this century, he’ll be 57.”

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House GOP Opens Investigation of Kayla Hamilton, 20, Maryland, Who Was Raped And Strangled To Death By A Suspected Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Member Who Was Arrested At The Former US-Mexico Border Then Released By The Biden Admin To His Aunt In Maryland

[The Biden administration has] “effectively turned the Southwest Border into a meaningless line in the sand and little more than a speedbump for aliens flooding into the country,” Judge T. Kent Wetherell.

Watch-Biden: DACA Illegal Aliens ‘Are More American than Most American than Most Americans’

The GOP’s outrage in the case comes as  the number of migrants caught illegally crossing the southern border has reportedly hit one million in less than four months into the fiscal year – and is on pace to smash records. 

As of last Friday, there have been a total of 1,008,217 migrant encounters at the southern border since October – the start of the fiscal year – multiple Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Fox News reports. 

House GOP opens investigation into rape and murder of autistic woman, 20, by an alleged MS-13 gang member, 17, who was arrested at the border before the killing – but was released to live with his aunt in the US

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