House GOP Opens Investigation of Kayla Hamilton, 20, Maryland, Who Was Raped And Strangled To Death By A Suspected Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Member Who Was Arrested At The Former US-Mexico Border Then Released By The Biden Admin To His Aunt In Maryland

[The Biden administration has] “effectively turned the Southwest Border into a meaningless line in the sand and little more than a speedbump for aliens flooding into the country,” Judge T. Kent Wetherell.

Watch-Biden: DACA Illegal Aliens ‘Are More American than Most American than Most Americans’

The GOP’s outrage in the case comes as  the number of migrants caught illegally crossing the southern border has reportedly hit one million in less than four months into the fiscal year – and is on pace to smash records. 

As of last Friday, there have been a total of 1,008,217 migrant encounters at the southern border since October – the start of the fiscal year – multiple Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Fox News reports. 

House GOP opens investigation into rape and murder of autistic woman, 20, by an alleged MS-13 gang member, 17, who was arrested at the border before the killing – but was released to live with his aunt in the US

  • Kayla Hamilton, 20, of Aberdeen, Maryland, was allegedly raped and killed by a suspected MS-13 gang member last summer
  • The suspect, 17, was previously arrested at the border as an unaccompanied minor before being released in Maryland to the custody of his aunt
  • Republicans are demanding answers about how the migrant was released as they slammed Joe Biden’s border policies amid record number crossings

By Ronny Reyes For Dailymail.Com

Published: 19:00 EST, 28 February 2023

House Judiciary Committee Republicans have launched a probe into the rape and murder of a 20-year-old autistic woman by an alleged MS-13 gang member who was arrested at the US-Mexico border as an unaccompanied minor. 

Criticizing the Biden administrations’ ‘open border policies,’ US Reps. Jim Jordan and Tom McClintok demanded the Health and Human Services Department answer for the death of Kayla Hamilton, of Aberdeen, Maryland

Police said she was raped and stangled to death on July 27, 2022, with police arresting a 17-year-old undocument boy last month for the murder, noting that he is suspected of being a member of the deadly MS-13 gang. 

A letter penned to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra on Tuesday by the GOP reps expressed outrage that the suspect had been arrested when crossing the border, but was released to the custody of his aunt in Frederick, Maryland, 45 miles west of Baltimore. 

‘The Biden administration’s open border policies have created vulnerabilities that criminal aliens and gangs member exploit to the detriment of American citizens,’ Jordan and McClintock wrote. 


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