Takes One To Know One: The Southern Poverty Law Center ‘the go-to organization for FBI and intel agencies for “hate group” designation.’

11 Feb 2020 – SPLC Testifies Before Congress on Alarming Incidents of White Supremacy in the Military

Feb 2021 – Video: Biden says fmr military, police contributing to ‘growth of white supremacy’

4 Feb 2021 – Biden administration looks to root out ‘white nationalism’ from military over next 60 days

FBI Whistleblower Reveals FBI Used SPLC Hate Group to Track “Hate Groups”

Biden clashes with Trump over Antifa: ‘It’s an idea, not an organization’

September 30, 2020

When Trump called out Antifa, Biden referenced FBI Director Christopher Wray’s claim that Antifa was more of a movement or ideology rather than an organization. “Antifa is an idea, not an organization,” Biden said. Trump fired back: “Oh, you got to be kidding.”

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