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Jobs That Weren’t Sent Overseas Or Taken By Legal and/or Illegal Immigrants – U.S. Banking Sector Jobs – You Know… Jobs Americans Will Do

In 2021, the finance, insurance, real estate, rental, and leasing industry contributed the highest amount of value to the GDP of the U.S. at 21 percent. The Construction industry contributed around 4.1 percent of GDP in the same year.

The U.S. needs to “welcome” immigrants and thank them for doing the “jobs that Americans won’t do,” Former President George W. Bush

Dated but exponentially worse now:

U.S. manufacturing is in a death spiral, and it is not a natural death. This is a homicide. Open-borders free trade is killing American manufacturing.

Death of Manufacturing

The rise of free trade has eroded America’s industrial base and with it our sovereignty.

Too bad in-between fighting White Supremacy and ensuring Diversity, Inclusion and Equity across America, they couldn’t find a just little bit of time to address this:

‘Made In China’ Includes Most US Medicines, Expert Says ‘It’s Mind Booggling’

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