Records Are Made To Be Broken You Go Girl : Women’s Bench Press Record Shattered By Nearly 100 lbs

Joe Biden Tells Mom He Supports Transgendering Eight-Year-Old Kids

Biden: There Isn’t A ‘Single Thing A Man Can Do’ That A Woman Can’t Do Better

‘Trans Women Are Women’: NHL Goes Ultra Woke, Supports All-Trans and Nonbinary Hockey Tournament

NPR has deleted a tweet claiming that there was “limited scientific evidence of physical advantage” of male athletes over women athletes

Male powerlifter enters women’s event, breaks record

He then casually bench-pressed nearly 370 pounds — beating the current Alberta women’s record by almost 100 pounds.

The current record — 275 pounds — is held by trans athlete Anne Andres, who was seen watching Silverberg while

Don’t Be The Problem Be A Hero:

Dr. Rachel Levine named as one of USA Today’s Women of the Year

Caitlyn Jenner Accepts Glamour’s Woman of the Year Award

ESPN honors Lia Thomas in ‘Celebrating Women’s History Month’

Transgender state lawmaker honored as one of USA Today’s ‘Women of the Year’

Alba Rueda, trans woman honored by White House on International Women’s Day

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