A Tale of Two Very Different Worlds

Karine Jean-Pierre Refuses To Say If Biden Supports Armed Security At Schools

Locked and loaded. Men armed with guns protecting America’s greatest treasure.
“Weapon Free School Zone” sign protecting American children.

Research on School Safety: Schools that Allow Teachers to Carry Guns haven’t seen school shootings during school hours

Momentum Stalls in Fight to Remove Police From Schools

“…what does it mean to be safe in a deeply, deeply racist environment?” Liz King, senior program director for education at the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, says.”

My expectation is that the advocacy by youth leaders to remove police from their schools and ensure their schools are safe places for them to learn, grow and thrive will continue unabated,” King says.

ACLU Opposes Bill to Put Police Officers in Every School

No Police in Schools | ACLU of Southern California

Chicago Police Officers Have No Place in Public Schools

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