2+ Years In Biden’s ‘Economic Agenda Is Working’

Joe Biden: ‘I Guarantee You We’re Going to End Fossil Fuels’

Feb 8, 2023 – Biden says his economic agenda is working. The public is skeptical

‘Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f-things up’; working on his agenda in Washington DC for 50 years.

Inflation has risen every month since President Biden took office

More Americans say they can’t pay their bills. Here are the states…

112 million Americans struggle to pay for health care: survey

Biden backs health care for illegal immigrants, says ‘we have an obligation’ to provide it

Inflation is up 13% since President Biden took office: economist

Layoffs Sweeping the US: Amazon, Meta, Twitter, Disney, Zoom, Set Cut

McDonald’s closes U.S. offices as it prepares to inform workers of layoffs: WSJ

Walmart to close a dozen stores this year due to falling profits

Walmart lays off 2,000 warehouse workers | CNN Business

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