A report published by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) found that “no evidence could be presented” to prove medical-grade face masks protected vulnerable people from COVID.

Fauci: Wearing two masks is better than one – New York Post

Fauci Couldn’t Name Any Studies Showing Masks Work Against COVID-19: Lawyers

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, a Republican who was also present during the deposition in Maryland, said on social media that Fauci “couldn’t cite a single study” to back up his claim that masks were effective against COVID-19.

The Mask Mandates Did Nothing. Will Any Lessons Be Learned?

“Do something” is not science, and it shouldn’t have been public policy.

Study Finds “No Evidence” Face Masks Protect Vulnerable Against COVID

Prof Carl Heneghan, professor of evidence-based medicine at the University of Oxford, noted that it was a “significant failing” that there were virtually no high quality trials showing that face masks were effective at preventing infection.

“If there’s another pandemic around the corner, we still haven’t addressed any of these issues. We’ve not learned anything,” Prof Heneghan added.

Video: Elon Accuses BBC Of Failing To Report On “Side Effects Of Vaccinations” And Spreading “Misinformation Regarding Masking”

Musk then asked “What about the BBC’s misinformation about Covid?”

“Does the BBC hold itself at all responsible for misinformation regarding masking and side effects of vaccinations? And not reporting on that at all?” he added.

Musk continued, “and what about the fact that the BBC was put under pressure by the British Government to change the editorial policy, were you aware of that?”

Clayton had no response and instead suggested the pair “talk about something else”.


Pennsylvania Governor and Health Secretary congratulating each other.

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