2 ‘Kneel Team Six’ FBI Agents Who Knelt In Solidarity With BLM Rioters Promoted

The agents kneeled alongside protesters.

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At least six FBI agents from the bureau’s Washington, D.C., field office were photographed kneeling during a BLM march on June 4, 2020, and were referred to derisively on social media as “Kneel Team Six.” 

[Former FBI agent Kyle] Seraphin said he was in the room a few days after the kneeling controversy when two FBI executive assistant directors, Jennifer Moore and Larissa Knapp, praised agents who kneeled.

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‘Sarah Linden took the kneel for BLM and got promoted’

EXCLUSIVE: 2 FBI Agents Who Knelt at BLM Rally Gained Promotions

Kneeling could be an avenue to rise through the ranks at the FBI, judging by promotions for two agents who did so in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protesters.

At least six FBI agents from the bureau’s Washington, D.C., field office were photographed kneeling during a BLM march on June 4, 2020, and were referred to derisively on social media as “Kneel Team Six.” 

FBI-SWAT veteran suspended after refusing to participate in allegedly politicized raid, claims FBI is exaggerating extremist threats

Kyle Seraphin – Bio, News, Photos – Washington Times

FBI agent Kyle Seraphin, who was suspended from the agency earlier in the year and is one of the whistleblowers to Congress, highlighted a problem noted in the report: The Office of…

The FBI Agents Association rewarded agents who took a knee in front of BLM, proving the rot isn’t just at the top

FBI executive management lauded on-duty agents who knelt before Black Lives Matter protesters at the height of the George Floyd unrest and riots for their “de-escalation” efforts, The Washington Times recently reported. A whistleblower said the counterterrorism special agent in charge of the Washington, DC, field office even hugged each of them after the June 4, 2020, incident.

And what was the FBI Agents Association’s response to this embarrassing gesture? Well, as the paper reported and FBI insiders confirmed to me, the organization rewarded the kneelers with a $100 “attaboy” — or what it describes as gift cards of “modest value.”

The kneelers not only shouldn’t have been rewarded by the FBIAA: They “put themselves and those few agents who knew not to kneel at a severe tactical disadvantage and should have at least been suspended without pay.”

The FBIAA had to realize the two possible, equally repugnant purposes behind the kneelers’ actions. The symbolic genuflection in the face of protesters (and the movement’s rioters who destroyed businesses and government buildings and claimed lives) was either an expression of unity with BLM, or these armed agents were blatant cowards and spinelessly acquiesced to the demands of a threatening mob. Whichever the reason, it is fully nauseating to career agents like Wilson.

It’s further dishonor for an FBI now fully distrusted by half the country. Only 44% of Gallup respondents in 2021 felt the agency was doing an “excellent” or “good” job.

The Biden administration and its attack dog — Attorney General Merrick Garland — have been relentless in pursuit of Trump supporters who breached the Capitol and paraded around its hallways like buffoons while Democrats have held no congressional hearings about the anarchy, chaos and insurrectionism of the “summer of love” of 2020: Seattle and Minneapolis police precincts were occupied and immolated, a federal courthouse was firebombed while federal agents were trapped inside and deadly “autonomous zones” were established in Democrat-led cities.

I have come to grips with the fact that my beloved FBI has been irreparably broken by woke activists serving amongst its senior ranks. And with the Justice Department appearing to do this president’s bidding by targeting his political adversaries, it will take a monumental house-cleaning and seismic shift in culture at both DOJ and the FBI to begin to restore America’s trust and confidence.


James A. Gagliano is a retired FBI supervisory special agent and doctoral candidate in homeland security at St. John’s University. He also serves on the board of directors for the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund.

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