Biden ’empowers everyday Americans to play a leading role’ In The Invasion of Our Country By Creating ‘the Welcome Corps’ – ‘A program for Americans in communities across the country to privately sponsor refugees from around the world.’

Follow The $$$:

NY Times: Biden Officials ‘Ignored’ Warnings of Surge in Migrant Children Being Labor Trafficked into U.S. Jobs

What’s the over/under on how many Joe ‘from Scranton’ Biden will house in his multiple millionaire dollar homes or will find housing and a school for their children in Martha’s Vineyard?

All of Joe Biden’s Homes, In Photos – Town & Country

Welcome Home, Now Get The Hell Out: Illegal Aliens Already Bused Out Of Martha’s Vineyard

The idea that Joe is going to let millions of people walk across the southern border and then ask you to take them in as if you were adopting a pet from a shelter may sound like the plot of a Saturday Night Live skit. When you consider it in context, however, it seems completely consistent with this administration’s policy.

The average American believes and expects that our government is at least nominally attempting to control the flow of migrants into this country. That is not even arguably true. In fact, it is now the explicit, formal policy of the United States government to ensure the orderly movement of huge numbers of people into this country. We are not trying to stop them and failing. We are bringing them here.

In two short years, we have gone from securing our border to using the resources of the American people to move literally millions of undocumented individuals into this country in clear violation of our laws and contrary to the wishes of the vast majority of Americans. We are flooding this country with illegal immigrants not just from Central America but from at least 140 nations around the globe.

Wonder Where All These Illegal Immigrants Are Going To Live? Your Spare Bedroom Apparently

Sam Faddis Apr 18, 2023

Most Americans have probably wondered ever since Joe Biden erased our southern border where all these illegal immigrants were going to go. Sure Joe flies them at taxpayer expense all over the country in the dead of night, but what then? Where are they all going to live?

We finally have the answer. In your spare bedroom apparently. Joe wants you to take them in.

With great fanfare, the State Department has now kicked off the Welcome Corps.

“The Department of State, in collaboration with the Department of Health and Human Services, is pleased to announce the creation of the Welcome Corps, a new private sponsorship program that empowers everyday Americans to play a leading role in welcoming refugees…


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