They Lie About Irrefutable Facts: While Biden Has Set “all-time record” For Illegal Alien Crossings At The Former U.S. Southern Border His DHS [Department of Human Smuggling] Sec. Testifies “the border is secure”

Border crossings to break all-time record this year, with 2.1 million …

January 28, 2022 02:09 PM Illegal border crossings are expected to reach over two million this year, crushing President Joe Biden’s disaster 2021 numbers and breaking the all-time…

Biden Admin Shatters All-Time Record For Number Of Illegal Alien Encounters…

Smuggling Migrants at the Border Now a Billion-Dollar Business

Biden’s Border Policies Clear the Way for Teen Sex Traffic

New evidence emerges that Biden family profited from human trafficking, say House investigators

VIDEO – Somebody is a liar: Biden’s Department of Human Smuggling sec. ‘admits he disagrees with his own Border Patrol chief, who testified we do NOT have operational control of the southern border.’

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