What’s The Over/Under # of Fights Born-Rich Elite Politicians Like Jorge Bush or Andy Cuomo or Any Average Career Politician Have Been In Their Entire Life – Imaginary Ones Don’t Count

During This “historic moment” Don’t Forget The Rules While You’re Fighting For… Maybe Your Life

Joe Biden “Corn Pop” Story FULL Segment

Jun 12, 2020 – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a series of police reforms Friday that include making police use of chokeholds that result in injury or death a crime. Cuomo in a tweet called this “a historic moment” for New York.

New York Criminalizes Use Of Chokeholds By Police – NPR

These Are the Cities and States That Have Banned Police Chokeholds So Far in the wake of Protests

City Council approves chokehold ban and NYPD reforms

Aug 8, 2022 – Major crime continues to surge in NYC, up 36% this year … – New York

George W. Bush laments ‘shocking failure’ in treatment of black Americans

The 43rd president expressed support for protests that have taken place around the world…

Jun 2, 2020 – Former President George W. Bush is calling for a national examination of “tragic failures” in the realm of racial injustice following a week of protests over the police killing of an unarmed…

New Congress will have a few more veterans, but their share of lawmakers is still near a record low

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