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The Fabulous Fauci: “I’m not an economist.”

Unarmed ‘safety ambassadors’ Another Left-Wing Radical Extremist Dem Idea “Let’s take a peek at how that’s work[ing] out”

Five-Time Deported Mexican Illegal Alien Shoots And Kills Five Illegal Aliens From Honduras In Cleveland, Texas, USA

No Phone Call And Invite To The White House In This One Or Days of News Coverage Or Insurrections Demanding Securing The Former U.S. Southern Border

When Millions And Millions of People Enter The Country Illegally, It Substantially Increases The Difficulty in IDing The Killer Who Entered The Country Illegally:

The FBI initially used the wrong photo in their wanted poster, but on Sunday corrected it.

They also corrected the spelling of his last name, which was initially Oropeza.

Manhunt continues for illegal alien – previously deported multiple times – who killed five people including an eight-year-old after he was asked to stop shooting in his Texas yard

Not Allowed To Say That:

Texas Guv Denigrates Shooting Victims as ‘Illegal Immigrants’

Gov. Greg Abbott prompts swift rebukes after calling Texas mass shooting victims ‘illegal immigrants…

Dems In Pennsylvania Push To Allow ‘teacher certification, in-state tuition’ For Illegal Aliens – You Know… Jobs Americans Won’t Do – Dems In California Look To Let ‘Illegals Become Police Officers’

“The U.S. needs to “welcome” immigrants and thank them for doing the “jobs that Americans won’t do,” Former President George W. Bush speaking at a summit in Abu Dhabi.

There Are No Jobs Americans Won’t Do – CIS.org

Pennsylvania Democrats propose new bill to allow illegal immigrants to obtain drivers’ licenses

Pa. Dem lawmakers renew push to expand teacher certification, in-state tuition for DACA recipients

One of them would remove barriers that prevent Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients from applying for teacher certifications. The other seeks to expand eligibility for in-state tuition to include immigrant students who graduate from Pennsylvania high schools.

California Looks to Let Illegals Become Police Officers

A bill working its way through the California State Senate looks to allow non-U.S. citizens — potentially including illegal immigrants — to become law enforcement officers in the state. The law appears to be just the latest attempt by California Democrats to not only remove penalties for those who break the law by illegally entering the United States, but open up opportunities for those who may not have legal status in the United States.

San Francisco Police Department hired unvetted, undocumented officers to fill staff vacancies, audit finds

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