Lauren Heike, 29, Murdered ‘stabbed multiple times’ On Desert Hiking Trail By A Man

Arizona cops arrest suspect in his early 20s over killing of esthetician, 29, who was ‘viciously attacked from behind’ while hiking alone on a remote desert trail: Officers slam ‘heinous’ crime

Phoenix Police arrested a man in his early 20s…

Authorities have yet to name the man, but his arrest comes after a chilling clip showed a lone figure sprinting on the trail where her body was found.

‘With this man taken into custody…

The area is not far from Heike’s apartment, which is located in an upscale area of North Phoenix with houses on the market for up to $1.3 million…

Police have arrested a suspect in connection with the murder of an Arizona woman who was ‘viciously’ attacked from behind while she was hiking. Lauren Heike, 29, an esthetician who had recently moved to the Phoenix area from Washington, was believed to be alone Friday morning on the Reach 11 trail not far from her home when she murdered by the unknown assailant between 10 and 11am. Phoenix Police issued an update on Thursday evening to say a man has been taken into custody in connection with her murder.

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