Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council: Biden and the Media Won’t Stop Lying About the Border.

President Biden has officially deported fewer people than any previous president at the same time in their presidency over my 25-year career as a Border Patrol agent. And he’s done this even though there have been many, many more illegal border crossers than at any point in my career.

The mainstream media’s portrayal of this crisis is laughable and insulting, both to hardworking Border Patrol agents and honest American citizens. The media routinely blames Congress for the border crisis instead of President Biden, something that’s obviously a lie when you compare this administration to the previous one.

President Trump used executive authority to take control of our border. Not only did President Trump address the issue, he actually fixed it. Illegal immigration plummeted to 45-year lows under his watch.

…we will never have proper adherence to or enforcement of the rule of law when an administration is allowed to misrepresent the truth and the mainstream media fails to hold it to account.

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