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This Really Happened Remember When: From Their Perches The Compassionate Tolerant Cloud People Let The Unvaccinated Dirt People Know What They Really Think of Them

Biden declares war on the 80M unvaccinated Americans

Biden says police officers, first responders should be fired for refusing jab

BORDER CRISIS: COMING TO A TOWN NEAR YOU “doctor warns the crisis is creating a ‘public health emergency’ due to a lack of screening”

Afghan on the FBI’s terror watchlist is arrested at the southern border trying to illegally creep into US with a group of migrants – as border agents slam Joe Biden for not extending Title 42

Shocking footage of El Paso processing center with SIX TIMES its max capacity lays bare US migrant crisis as a THIRD busload of migrants is dropped off outside Kamala Harris’ DC home


DOJ appeals Florida judge’s orders to BLOCK Joe Biden’s post-Title 42 plans for dealing with influx of migrants at the southern border – as doctor warns the crisis is creating a ‘public health emergency’ due to a lack of screening

President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice has vowed to appeal a Florida judge’s decision to block the administration’s plan to begin releasing migrants into the community with notices to report to an immigration office in 60 days in the wake of the end of Title 42. As the fallout from the expiration of the order continues, DailyMail.com obtained new photos showing dozens of migrants being apprehended by the Border Patrol as they illegally cross into the United States. Biden’s proposed ‘paroles’ were to be triggered when holding centers reach 125 percent capacity, or when authorities stop 7,000 migrants along the border in a day.

‘Biden, Harris and Mayorkas should be welcoming illegal aliens into their homes with open arms.’

Joe Biden lives in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware which is 96.16% White.

Border agents arrest 16 people on FBI’s terror watchlist at Mexico crossing

Border officials count 599,000 ‘gotaway’ migrants in Fiscal Year 2022 …

Oct 2, 2022 – U.S. officials are aware of at least 599,000 migrants who crossed the southern border and evaded authorities in Fiscal Year 2022, a Customs and Border Protection source told Fox News. That…