2023 America: U.S. Military Veterans Booted From Orange County, NY Hotel To Make Room For Bidens’s Illegal Aliens Bussed From The Illegal Alien Sanctuary City of New York

Outrage grows over vets evicted from New York hotels to house migrants

By Isabel Vincent and Georgett Roberts

May 13, 2023

The 20 homeless veterans who were evicted from Orange County hotels this week to make way for a group of migrants are shaken — but soldiering on, a spokeswoman for the group told The Post Saturday.

“We are trying to regain their trust,” said Sharon Toney-Finch, CEO of the Yerik Israel Toney Foundation and herself a disabled veteran.  “They are very upset because of how they have been replaced and we are, too.”

Local leaders were quick to condemn the eviction from several hotels in Newburgh and Middletown, which was first revealed by The Post Saturday.

Leaders in the veteran community were quick to denounce the evictions of the former soldiers, many of them struggling with PTSD.

“These veterans served their country, taking an oath to put themselves in harm’s way if need be,” said David R. Riley Sr., American Legion Department of New York commander. “They deserve better. We owe them. Our country, our state, our citizens owe them.”

Other politicians put the blame on Mayor Eric Adams, whose administration bussed the migrants to Orange County beginning on Thursday. 


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