Trailblazer John Fetterman Gives The Institution And His Colleagues The Respect They Deserve And Makes All Pennsylvania Proud

Nothing to see here! Pennsylvania Dem Sen. John Fetterman’s office is slammed for DOCTORING transcripts to disguise stroke victim’s worrying congressional stumbles

‘Blue Collar Tough Guy’ John Fetterman Lived off Parents’ Money Until His Mid-40s

Gisele Fetterman Spotlights Her History as Undocumented Migrant

John Fetterman sans suit and tie.

John Fetterman and the Remaking of Political Image

May 26, 2022Andrew Harnik/Associated Press Of course, if Mr. Fetterman wins in November, what happens to his wardrobe next may be an issue. The dress code of the Senate chamber (at least for guests)…

‘It’s powerful’: how John Fetterman’s hoodie won the popular vote in Pennsylvania

Watch: Sweatshirt-Clad John Fetterman Speaks on the Debt Ceiling Debate in Sad Display

Controversial photo reaches state’s most prominent ‘formerly undocumented immigrant’

Lieutenant governor’s wife calls photo from Meadville chamber event ‘painful’

By Mike Crowley Meadville Tribune Jul 6, 2019

News of a controversial photo featuring four golfers dressed as U.S. Border Patrol agents at a recent Meadville-Western Crawford County Chamber of Commerce golf outing has reached the state’s most prominent “formerly undocumented immigrant.”

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