Keeping With His Theme Biden’s Pick For Joint Chiefs of Staff: Military Racism, George Floyd… Gen. Brown Discusses The Future of The Armed Forces

Biden Unveils Gen. ‘CQ’ Brown as His Pick to Lead Joint Chiefs

Next Joint Chiefs Chair Wants White Male Officers to be a Minority

Milley was bad, Brown will be much worse.

Under Gen. Brown, the Air Force has become the most woke of the major service branches.

Military Racism, George Floyd and New Attempts at Change: Air Force Chief Gen. Brown Discusses The Future of The Armed Forces

Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. Opens Up About Racism –

Hundreds of Troops Complain About ‘Woke’ Racism, Extremism Training

Brown and his allies are seeking to purge the Air Force of anyone they deem to be “extremists” while lowering standards and replacing merit with racial and gender quotas.

The Air Force Went Woke, Its Planes Won’t Fly

Daniel Greenfield November 06, 2022. Chief of Staff Charles Brown and Chief Master Sergeant Kaleth Wright have made diversity and wokeness into the core of the Air Force’s mission. Meanwhile the planes won’t fly. Brown has spent the past few years unleashing worthless diversity reviews to try and blame the Air Force for a supposed lack of …

Air Force Chief of Staff Brown’s Racism Witch Hunt

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