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2021 Purge: Japan Olympics Chief Yoshiro Mori To Resign

Truth No Longer A Defense

Tokyo Olympics Chief to Resign After Saying Women Talk Too Much in Meetings

Japan Olympic chief who said women talk too much will … 2 days ago – Japan Olympics chief who said women talk too much will resign over remarks, reports say. Yoshiro Mori, head of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games organizing committee, said last week that women talk too …

Purge 2021: “Spink’s Who “died in 1962” “name stripped from HOF” Award

When will they get around to Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson?

I’ll have those n**gers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” – Lyndon B. Johnson confiding in two governors why the passage of his civil rights and welfare legislation was important…

Spink’s name stripped from Hall of Fame award over racism

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2021 Purge: U.S. Military To Purge White Men With Bad Thoughts

What Specifically Constitutes Bad Think?

There was never any publicly announced hunt for radical islamist extremists in the military even after 13 unarmed soldiers were murdered and 32 wounded by one.

Aug 28, 2013 – Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was sentenced to death Wednesday for killing 13 people and wounding 32 others in a 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Tex., the worst mass murder at a military installation…

Biden’s Secretary of Defense Is Moving to Purge the Military of White Supremacists

The 2020 White Supremacist, KKK, Proud Boys and QAnon Riots Were Most Destructive in U.S. History

White Supremacists, KKK and QAnon Let Loose: Crime Wave 2020: These cities smashed homicide records …

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2021 Purge: Curt Schilling Convicted of Thoughtcrime “shameful controversial views on politics and the media” Kept Out Of MLB Hall of Fame

Media’s Thoughtcrime/Doublespeak:

Thoughtcrime “Controversial” View: Grown men should not use the same bathroom as little girls.

Legacy Media Approved “Non-controversial” View: Grown men should by-law be allowed to use the bathroom of whichever gender they choose to identify with when they woke up that morning.

MLB clutch pitcher Curt Schilling’s conservative political …

Curt Schilling belongs in Hall of Fame despite shameful …

2021 Purge: CEO of My Pillow has been permanently banned from Twitter

My Pillow’s Mike Lindell permanently suspended from Twitter

WFTV|29 minutes ago The founder and CEO of My Pillow has been permanently banned from Twitter. The social media platform announced late Monday that Mike Lindell has been suspended because of repeated violations of Twitter’s policy on election misinformation,

2021 Purge: Shutdown Gab The Persona Non Grata Are Communicating On Gab

Talk About An Echo Chamber

We looked at social-media upstart Gab and found it full of misinformation and hateful speech, just like Parler

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2021 Purge: Who’s Our Daddy – GoDaddy removes

GoDaddy… determined the site “both promotes and encourages violence.” They wouldn’t provide any examples to support the claim and gave the gun website 25 hours to relocate.

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2021 Purge: Let’s Use UCMJ To Investigate Punish Any Military Members Or Veterans That Attended Peaceful Protest In Washington DC

Did Any Politician Call For An Investigation To Determine If Any Military Members Participated In The Antifa And BLM Riots? Answer: No

You Can’t Make This Up! Twitter Public Policy: “Access to information and freedom of expression, including the public conversation on Twitter, is never more important than during democratic processes, particularly elections.”

No Way! Tweet alleges “Twitter and other tech giants tried to interfere in the Ugandan election…”

Allum Bokhari@LibertarianBlue· The backstory is that Twitter and other tech giants tried to interfere in the Ugandan election by mass-banning certain accounts. So Uganda took the entirely appropriate step of leveling the playing field by banning Twitter altogether. The U.S. should have done the same in 2020.

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2021 Purge: Mitch McConnell “is said to be pleased about impeachment… to purge Trump from the GOP”

Fake News?

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is open to censuring President Trump, a source familiar with his thinking told Fox News Tuesday.

Vice President Mike Pence signaled he’d spurn demands to oust the president as the two met and agreed to work together for the remainder of the term, an official said.