A Clear Message

May 24, 2020

According to the White House Chinese Wu-Flu task force coordinator the federal government wants the “American people… to be outside” and they will allow you to play tennis as long as you don’t touch “other’s balls”.

Is there one documented case of anyone contracting the Wu-Flu while playing tennis?

There is no need to wipe down groceries. And “people are picking up COVID-19 from other people” not from surfaces. Continue reading

SUSPECT was last seen yesterday (Sunday) afternoon in East Stroudsburg, Monroe County, PA

May 27, 2020 Update:

UConn murder suspect arrested in Maryland after 4-state manhunt

A Peek Behind The Curtain

Behing the curtain wizard of OZ

During the May 22nd Levine and Wolf Show in which questions are screened by the governor’s staff and no press is allowed to attend in person, Gov. Wolf offered a glimpse into Tom Wolf’s cerebral thought process used when Tom Wolf unilaterally decides whether a Pennsylvania business is essential or nonessential. Continue reading

Connecticut homicide suspect last known location East Stroudsburg, PA

Connecticut homicide suspect last seen in eastern Pa.

Penn Live|1 hour ago (May 25, 2020)
A homicide suspect from Connecticut may be in eastern Pennsylvania, state police said Sunday. Peter Manfredonia, 23, was seen leaving the scene of a homicide and serious assault on Mirtl Road, in Willington,

Take Time To Remember…

Those Who Sacrificed Everything…

8 year old Christian Golczynski accepting the flag for his father Continue reading

Masks Because They Said So

Fit and healthy people wearing masks could make them more at risk of infection, says expert

“There’s no research evidence to support wearing masks if you are basically fit and well,” said Prof Marshall.

Covering The Bases

No matter when or how this ends, the Great Dr. Fauci will definitely be able to say:

“Told you so.”Dr. Fauci's face will soon be on a bobblehead Continue reading