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“As a long-time critic of influence peddling among both Republicans and Democrats, I have never seen the equal of the Bidens.”

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America’s State Media: The Blackout on Biden Corruption is Truly “Pulitzer-Level Stuff”

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. Follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley.

Still Looking For The “Root Causes” of the Invasion: Minnesota To Provide Illegal Immigrants With Free College Tuition

Minnesota To Provide Illegal Immigrants With Free College Tuition

Under Minnesota’s free tuition program, dubbed the “North Star Promise,” illegal immigrants will have their full tuition paid for if they enroll in a two or four-year program within the University of Minnesota or Minnesota State systems and come from a household with an income of $80,000 0r less…

https://dailycaller.com › 2023 › 05 › 31 › minnesota-provide-illegal-immigrants-free-college-tuition

Biden migrant surge sets all-time record…

Not ‘Illegal Alien,” But ‘Undocumented Noncitizen’ Under New Biden Policy

Biden loads illegal immigrants up with welfare, free legal services …

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More than 20 whistleblowers ‘told the House Judiciary Committee that the FBI is deeply politicized in favor of Democrats and the far left.’

The Biden family is under the protection of the nation’s top lawmen

By Michael Goodwin May 30, 2023

Here’s a novel concept: The FBI is not above the law. 

In theory, of course, it’s true, as in no American is above the law.

But is it really true in the sense that its leaders can be brought to justice if they break the law? 

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‘Are the media (and Democrats, and Hollywood, and corporate America, and the universities and grade schools, and hospitals and military and President Biden) hoping we’ll forget about their weird campaign to make black Americans even angrier?’

Joe Biden: Cops don’t pull over white girls

New Joe Biden Ad: ‘Black Americans Wake Up Knowing They Can Lose Their Life’

Former Vice President Joe Biden has released a new campaign ad that condemns America as a racist society…

Since May 25, 2020, the single-minded message delivered to black people, without interruption or contradiction, has been that they live in a country steeped in white supremacy, anything bad that happens to them is proof of racism, and oh by the way, the police are trying to kill them.

In fact, as Mac Donald has been documenting for years, police are 400 times as likely to be killed by a black person as unarmed blacks are to be killed by cops.

The Anniversary the Media Would Prefer You Forget

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‘WATCH: Florida woman sends car flying after hitting parked tow truck ramp on highway in southern Georgia’

Republicans WILL hold FBI Director Wray in contempt for REFUSING to hand over document allegedly detailing Biden’s part in a $5million bribery scheme with a foreign national

Republicans WILL hold FBI Director Wray in contempt for REFUSING to hand over document allegedly detailing Biden’s part in a $5million bribery scheme with a foreign national

The FBI’s latest stonewalling also comes after a second IRS whistleblower came forward, claiming he was sidelined from the Hunter Biden probe when he spoke up about the president’s son getting preferential treatment.

The case agent, who has not been identified, says he was fired recently without any explanation after working on the Hunter Biden investigation since 2018, according to documents sent to congressional leaders obtained by DailyMail.com.

His complaint comes days after the Department of Justice removed the entire team probing Hunter Biden’s tax returns, according to attorneys representing an initial supervisory whistleblower – Gary Shapley.

FBI Director James Comey tweets photo of himself in Biden-Harris swag

IRS Removed ‘Entire Investigative Team’ from Hunter Biden Probe

May 15, 2023 The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) removed the “entire investigative team” working on the Hunter Biden case at the request of President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ), a whistleblower told Congress on Monday.

Yemeni immigrant Fatima Mousa Mohammed user her commencement speech at CUNY law school… to claim that laws are ‘white supremacy’ and attack American institutions for being ‘fascist.’

Law grad uses graduation speech to claim laws are ‘white supremacy’

‘The whole place is run by far left lunatics!’ CUNY professor unleashes on ‘Marxist’ faculty which allowed law graduate’s shocking commencement remarks

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150 Years Old, Arlington Cemetery Is Running Out Of Room

150 Years Old, Arlington Cemetery Is Running Out Of Room

Ward Davis | “Last Monday in May” | Operation Song – YouTube

Now my war and battle’s done
I rest in peace in Arlington
My wife is here most days with me
Won’t you come and keep us company?

Remember all of us and the sacrifice we made
On the last Monday in May
The last Monday in May

Pearl Harbor Attack, December 7, 1941

WWII: American POWs Still Waiting for an Apology | Time

The treatment of American and allied prisoners by the Japanese is one of the abiding horrors of World War II. Prisoners were routinely beaten, starved and abused and forced to work in mines and war-related factories in clear violation of the Geneva Conventions.

The United States’ Commitment To Japan: How Post-War Reconstruction Aid Helped Rebuild A Nation

Toyota overtakes GM to lead U.S. auto sales for 2021 – Japan Today

Keeping With His Theme Biden’s Pick For Joint Chiefs of Staff: Military Racism, George Floyd… Gen. Brown Discusses The Future of The Armed Forces

Biden Unveils Gen. ‘CQ’ Brown as His Pick to Lead Joint Chiefs

Next Joint Chiefs Chair Wants White Male Officers to be a Minority

Milley was bad, Brown will be much worse.

Under Gen. Brown, the Air Force has become the most woke of the major service branches.

Military Racism, George Floyd and New Attempts at Change: Air Force Chief Gen. Brown Discusses The Future of The Armed Forces

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