“Our company [Your T1 WIFI] does not believe a website or social networking site has the authority to censor what you see and post and hide information from you, stop you from seeing what your friends and family are posting”

Freedom Of Speech Still Championed In The Outposts

Citing ‘censorship’ concerns, North Idaho internet provider blocks Facebook, Twitter

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Way Way Back In 2020 Months Of Violent Riots Were Described As “Peaceful Protests” No Matter The Visuals Right In Your Face

Imagine the lying media reporting on the riots absent video and no independent social media accounts.

Media: Yes, violence is the answer

Online: https://news.grabien.com/story-media-yes-violence-answer-supercut

On FB: https://www.facebook.com/Grabien/posts/4863025573771731

Originally tweeted by Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) on 1, January 7, 2021.

Post-Election “Moderate” Manchin Now “Open” To Statehood For D.C. And Puerto Rico

Sen. Joe Manchin is ‘open’ to statehood for D.C., Puerto Rico

2 days ago Sen. Joe Manchin, West Virginia Democrat, is open to adding two new states — the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The liberal push to add the District and Puerto Rico comes as Democrats see …

“We must get statehood on the president’s desk within the first 100 days of the 117th Congress,” D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser.

2021 Purge: Let’s Use UCMJ To Investigate Punish Any Military Members Or Veterans That Attended Peaceful Protest In Washington DC

Did Any Politician Call For An Investigation To Determine If Any Military Members Participated In The Antifa And BLM Riots? Answer: No

You Can’t Make This Up! Twitter Public Policy: “Access to information and freedom of expression, including the public conversation on Twitter, is never more important than during democratic processes, particularly elections.”

No Way! Tweet alleges “Twitter and other tech giants tried to interfere in the Ugandan election…”

Allum Bokhari@LibertarianBlue· The backstory is that Twitter and other tech giants tried to interfere in the Ugandan election by mass-banning certain accounts. So Uganda took the entirely appropriate step of leveling the playing field by banning Twitter altogether. The U.S. should have done the same in 2020.

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2021 Purge: Mitch McConnell “is said to be pleased about impeachment… to purge Trump from the GOP”

Fake News?

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is open to censuring President Trump, a source familiar with his thinking told Fox News Tuesday.

Vice President Mike Pence signaled he’d spurn demands to oust the president as the two met and agreed to work together for the remainder of the term, an official said.

Biden Implies The Capitol Police Who Have Protected Him For Almost Fifty Years Are Racist Too

Is this what they are talking about❓🇺🇸🦅

Originally tweeted by Kanekoa (@KanekoaTheGreat) on 1, January 11, 2021.

Update: Account @KanekoaTheGreat suspended

Biden “We all know that’s true.”

What’s true?

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2021 Purge: “If you transgress this policy, you can expect to separate from the company immediately.” Cumulus Media


After months of stoking anger about alleged election fraud, one of America’s largest talk-radio companies has decided on an abrupt change of direction. Cumulus Media, which employs some of the most popular right-leaning talk-radio hosts in the United States, has told its on-air personalities to stop suggesting that the election was stolen …

Two Pennsylvania Counties Two Election Rules “Allegheny County counted undated ballots but Westmoreland County did not”

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2021: Woke America

“I will be a President for all Americans…” Joe Biden. But my “priority will be Black, Latino, Asian and Native American[s]…” What about Pacific Islanders?

Jul 23, 2020 – Joe Biden has called Donald Trump the country’s “first” racist president, saying the way he deals with people based on the the colour of their skin is “absolutely sickening”.