Grove Regulations

F.O.P. Lodge 38

Maxie Cameron State Police Grove

The members of our lodge hope you have an enjoyable day!

Sporting Equipment: Equipment will no longer be provided by the Grove.

The grove will supply the garbage bags.

Some items suggested for the renting party:

Horseshoes, Volleyball and Basketball.

Toilet paper, hand towels, hand soap, utensils, napkins, plastic beverage pitchers, cups, disposable plastic table clothes, lots of  ice, and paper towels, pots and pans, towels, matches, first aid kit, bug spray.

We have a steam table/buffet server that accommodates 4 standard, full size 12 X 20 aluminum pans.  Remind your caterer about the pans.

Instructions on stove and steam table operation will be posted at the grove.

We ask the following:


DO NOT LEAVE ANY FOOD-Dispose of it in the dumpster.

  • PLEASE, when putting on table clothes, use masking tape, NO STAPLES or THUMB TACKS.
  • Please use ashtrays and cans for cigarettes and cigars; there are plenty of them there.
  • Please use trash cans for garbage. Empty the trash into the dumpster.
  • If you move a picnic table, we ask that you put it back where it came from upon leaving.
  • If you have a Disc Jockey or stereo, we ask that the speakers be faced either toward the west (parking lot), or, towards the (north) Interstate. There are neighbors to the south and east and we want to remain friendly.
  • The property to the south (behind kitchen) is not owned by us. Please remain on the grove property.
  • The refrigerator in the kitchen area should be sufficient enough for your party, thus, the one in the picnic table area will be unplugged. If you need the refrigerator in the picnic table area, it can be used by plugging it in along the wall.
  • When lights are needed, we ask that a responsible person turn them on at the electrical box in the picnic table area. They are marked and self explanatory.
  • There will be contacts numbers furnished at the grove for this and emergency purposes.
  • The outdoor fluorescent lights can be temperamental at times, in case one appears to be burnt out, have a responsible person twist the bulb until it comes on.

The renting party is responsible for clean-up.

BEFORE YOU LEAVE: Turn off the silver propane tank outside of the kitchen by turning the knob clockwise.

Lock the gate when leaving. Thank you

In case of a fire, there is a fire extinguisher in the kitchen area.

2014 Contacts:

  •    Bryan Pall @ (570)760-8983