The Pregnant “White Woman” – Now In Hiding Because of Death Threats – Who Was Placed On Leave For Trying to Take A Bike From A “Black Child” That Made National News Paid For The Bike Receipts Show

Pregnant NYC hospital worker Sarah Comrie is now in HIDING because her ‘life and job’ are being threatened after she was accused of stealing CitiBike from black man – despite having receipt that proves she paid for it

Pregnant NYC nurse accused of taking a CitiBike from a black man outside hospital is NAMED as friends start Go Fund Me to pay her legal bills – and lawyer shares receipts that ‘PROVES the bike was hers’

NYC hospital ‘Karen’ ID’d as family sets up GoFundMe to ‘save her livelihood and reputation’

NYC hospital ‘Karen’ denies trying to steal CitiBike from young black man

Viral Video Shows White Woman Trying to Take Bike From Black Man

Citibike Karen aka Sarah Jane Comrie Placed on Leave After Fake Crying and Trying to Get Black Child Arrested – BlackSportsOnline

Woman accused of weaponizing ‘white woman tears’ was really…

What the Air Force Academy hate crime hoax teaches us about the mainstream media and race

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