’77-year-old grandmother was found stabbed to death in her own garage inside a gated community’ by her son when he ‘came home to visit her for the holidays’

“The son came home to visit his mom for the holidays…,” Atlanta Deputy Chief Charles Hampton Jr. said during a press conference. “This is not a way that a family should have to spend their holiday season, mourning and grieving a death of a loved one.”

Carjack killer 77-year-old grandma stabbed to death in garage in gated Atlanta community

    A 77-year-old grandmother was found stabbed to death in her own garage inside a gated community in an Atlanta suburb on Saturday.

    Eleanor Bowles was discovered dead by her son around 5:30 p.m. — hours after Antonio Brown, 23, allegedly broke into her Buckhead home and stabbed her in a carjacking gone wrong, officials said.

    Police believe Brown broke into Bowles’ garage around 11:30 a.m. and was trying to steal her 2021 Lexus RS350 when she walked in and interrupted the alleged theft.

    He allegedly stabbed her multiple times and took off in her car, police said. The vehicle was tracked and recovered by police Saturday night in DeKalb County.

    It’s unclear how Brown gained access to the gated neighborhood.

    Bowles’ son was coming to visit his mother for the holidays when he arrived at the home on Paces West Terrace on Saturday evening and found her bloody, lifeless body in the garage. Police pronounced her dead at the scene.


    White people must recognize their privilege and stop calling the cops…

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