You MUST Wear The Jersey

You MUST Wear The Helmet

Philadelphia Flyers Ivan Provorov ‘makes bold stand amidst deluge of hate over declining to wear special ‘pride’ jersey

“I respect everybody’s choices. My choice is to stay true to myself and my religion. That’s all I’m going to say,” Ivan Provorov.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Flyers’ LGBTQ+ controversy: Ivan Provorov should have been benched…

Flyers coach John Tortorella should have benched the defenseman. Plain and simple.

NHL Network Analyst: Russian Player Who Didn’t Wear Pride Jersey Should ;Get On A Plane’ to Ukraine and Fight in the War

Bruins, Predators wear T-shirts in support of Black Lives … –

NHL CAVES: Hockey Players Take a Knee During US and Canadian National Anthems

Jul 24, 2020 San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Sam Coonrod was the only player who refused to take a knee prior to the national anthem Thursday, nor did he bow to the Black Lives Matter agenda.

College Soccer Player Says She Was Benched For Refusing To Kneel For BLM

Drew Brees twice apologizes following backlash for comments about kneeling during the national anthem

Sep 24, 2017 – NASCAR legend Richard Petty blasts national anthem protests in the NFL

Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweets support of NFL protests against national …

June 23, 2020 – NASCAR goes full BLM, allows kneeling during anthem, pays tribute to black driver…

Noncontroversial vs. Controversial

Greenfield Police department hangs controversial ‘Thin Blue Line’ flag .

Controversial ‘thin blue line’ flag rejected for Capitola City Hall

‘Blue Lives Matter’ stickers REMOVED from Oregon cop cars because ‘symbol is too divisive’

LAPD bans Thin Blue Line flag over complaint it represents ‘racist, bigoted views’

Thin blue line flag banned from charity event after Villanova students protest

Police force ‘told to REMOVE Blue Lives Matter flag from cop cars …

Bend police chief removes blue line from patrol cars, citing … – KTVZ

Retired Cop Told To Leave Campground Or Remove Thin Blue Line Flag

HOA tells local police chaplain to remove ‘thin blue line’ flag

Maryland lawmaker bars cops from displaying ‘thin blue line’ flag

Middletown police remove ‘Thin Blue Line’ flag – FOX61

Complaints Prompt Ohio Police Department to Remove ‘Thin Blue Line’

If You Fly the ‘Thin Blue Line’ Flag, You’re a Racist – PJ Media

Marysville teacher told to take Thin Blue Line flag off wall

WI police chief’s ban of ‘thin blue line’ sparks anger | The Kansas …

Solon police department removes “Thin Blue Line” flag … – cleveland

Sartell Police did right thing removing thin blue line flags from cars

Thin Blue Line’ Police Flags Removed From Hingham Fire Trucks, Will …

Washington teacher is forced to REMOVE her pro-police flag

Tacoma police right to remove ‘thin blue line’ flag stickers | Tacoma …

Thin blue line flag causes controversy in Montgomery County

Black police chief apologizes for ‘Thin Blue Line’ flag, suggests woke critics learn its history

In America It’s Okay to Decorate a Police Car with Gay Pride Flags, but Not Bible Verses

Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert directed officers to display gay pride decals on their patrol cars – a decision that rankled the Fraternal Order of Police.

“We have a variety of taxpayers in the city of Pittsburgh with different viewpoints, which can create controversy if support for different events is shown,” FOP President Robert Swartzwelder told television station KDKA.

Chief Schubert said the decals show their police department is tolerant.

“To be honest I was appalled when I saw the statement by the Fraternal Order of Police,” he told the television station. “It just goes against what we are trying to accomplish with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and police departments around the city.”

Oregon state police car decorated for Pride riles some retired troopers

Others did not. A senior trooper, Peter Arnautov, was placed on paid leave June 6 after command staff received a complaint that he had made a derogatory comment about gay people, in connection…

UK police forces spend thousands on rainbow cars, flags supporting LGBT community: ‘woke nonsense’

‘Clown cars’: UK police put pride rainbows on police cars to fight hate crime

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