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Iowa Gov. “will be lifting coronavirus restrictions including the use of masks, social distancing and limitations on social gatherings”

“It’s common sense, yet authoritarians didn’t seem to rely on common sense when making decisions.”

“The virus makes the rules,” PA Governor Thomas Westerman Wolf “Law enforcement and state agencies will be stepping up enforcement efforts, issuing citations and fines…,” Dr. Rachel Levine, the state’s health secretary, said.

The governor of Iowa lifted coronavirus restrictions.

Washington Post on MSN.com|16 hours ago Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds announced Friday that she will be lifting coronavirus restrictions including the use of masks, social distancing and limitations on social gatherings, yet at least two cities have defied the new health proclamation and said they will keep their own measures in place…

Graph Showing Difference in Case Rates Between Florida and California Is a Wake-Up Call for America

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May 18 The People Of Pennsylvania Will Decide: A Republic Or A Tyrant

336 days after Gov. Tom Wolf proclaimed a disaster emergency and renewed the proclamation three times since:

“…the Pennsylvania House and Senate have passed a proposed amendment to the state constitution, embodied in Senate Bill 2, limiting a governor’s power to renew an emergency proclamation without the approval of the General Assembly. The proposed amendment will now face it’s final hurdle as an initiative on the May 18 primary election ballot.” 

“The governor questioning the legitimacy of our constitutional amendment process illustrates how far he is willing to go to keep control.” “No governor should be able to write their own rulebook in a democracy, whether it’s a time of emergency or not. Pennsylvanians should reassert that truth by voting for this amendment, and maintaining the checks and balances required for constitutional governance.” Commonwealth Foundation Vice President Nathan Benefield

Pa. Emergency Powers Amendment Going to People

Feb 5, 2021 Press Release – Michael Torres

Feb. 4, 2020, Harrisburg, Pa.,— On March 6, 2020, Gov. Tom Wolf proclaimed a disaster emergency in Pennsylvania, granting himself the extraordinary power to supersede many state laws to quickly address the burgeoning COVID-19 pandemic. He has renewed the emergency proclamation three times since March.

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We are… Penn State

CriticalRace.org is a resource for parents and students concerned about how Critical Race Theory, and implementation of Critical Race Training, impacts education. We have compiled the most comprehensive database to empower parents and students.

We have researched and documented Critical Race Training in over 200 colleges and universities in the United States.

For example University Park, Pa:

Virtual symposium addresses police brutality and the popular uprisings

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