Daily Archives: 1, February 10, 2021

Life Inside The Green Zone

Outside the fenced in 24/7 heavily armed security of the Green Zone, life in the Red Zone gets more precarious daily. When they start robbing cops on-duty you know its gotten really serious for the dirt people: Chicago detective recovering after two men rob him as he investigates homicide. One arrested, one at large, police say.

Inside The Green Zone

February 9, 2021

The inhabitants of the imperial city inside the safety of their Green Zone began the history making second impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump, only this time he is a former President. Even with Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, who was one of six Republicans to join the unified Democrats voting to proceed with the impeachment of a former President, it is highly unlikely he will be convicted, as there currently are not enough Toomey’s on the “Republican” side. If he were to be convicted, Trump will ostensibly be removed from the office he has already vacated.

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Died With COVID… Died Of COVID – Died After Being Vaccinated, “…people die, especially older people.”

“Thousands… will die after getting the COVID vaccine” that’s just: “Because people die, especially older people.”

The Tale Of Two Deaths

1. In December 2020, shot, died and tested positive for COVID-19. Counted as COVID-19 death.

Coroner in Colorado “Brenda Bock is calling the classification “absurd” and raises concerns death classifications are falsely driving the narrative about the direction of the pandemic.”

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