While Biden Will Keep 100K Troops In Europe To Protect Their Borders From ‘Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia’ His Military Purge of Conservatives Has The US Military Facing It’s “most challenging recruiting year ever” US Army Drops Requirement For High School Diploma Or A G.E.D. And Has Lowered “almost every single physical qualification” Pentagon Considers “reaching out to” Recruit Illegal Aliens

How Joe Biden avoided being drafted into the military FIVE TIMES

Lawmaker says 75% of National Guard potential threat because they’re White and didn’t vote for Biden

Pentagon Considers Using TikTok, Illegal Immigrants To Solve Military Recruitment Problems

Biden: Former police, military members biggest threat national security. – Law Enforcement Today

Breaking down Biden’s plan to purge military of conservatives

Biden purges Trump appointees from Naval, Air Force academies, West Point

Biden Plan To Root ‘Extremists’ Out Of The Military Looks Political

US Marines Undergoing a ‘Political Purge’, Being ‘Crushed’ by Biden’s …

Pentagon Orders Military-Wide ‘Stand-Down’ To Address ‘White Supremacy’ Extremism In Ranks

Biden says troops should be dishonorably discharged if they fail to get COVID vaccine

Biden to Spend Billions on Sex Changes for Transgender Troops

US to keep 100K troops in Europe to face Russia threat

Biden’s service-academy purge is more reason to worry about the nation’s future defense

US Army Teaching West Point Cadets Racist, Anti-American Critical Race Theory – Including Addressing “Whiteness”

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