Is There Such A Thing A Too Many? A Record 242 Million People Across Latin America Alone Want To Flee – ‘You want to flee… you should come,'” Presidential Candidate Joe Biden – And They Are By The Millions

“We’re a nation that says, ‘You want to flee, and you’re fleeing oppression, you should come,'” Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

Biden-era migrant crisis smashes another record as migrant encounters top 250,000 in December

Biden Breaks His Annual Record With 2.3M Illegal Border Crossings …

More than 2.3 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border in fiscal year 2022, breaking the record Biden’s administration set a year ago by 37%. The total of the two record-setting years of illegal migration under the Biden administration…

SEE IT: Biden continues building taxpayer-funded wall around beach house amid border crisis…

Biden administration sues Arizona to stop construction of a border wall

Large numbers of migrants continue to cross into the United States through Yuma, December 27, 2022

Apparently There Is Such A Thing As Too Many In Yuma: Border city is on brink of collapse under ‘unprecedented’ migrant surge that has left hospitals and food banks overloaded: Number of crossings is ‘highest for thirty years’

The border city of Yuma, Arizona, is at breaking point with the unprecedented flow of migrants leaving the community at the brink of collapse and hospitals and food banks overloaded, local officials say.

Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines has slammed the Biden administration for its handling of the border crisis and said his county will crumble as it can’t support the cascading flow of migrants.

Customs and Border officials say there were 251,487 migrant encounters at the border in December. That’s the highest figure for a single month ever, and brings the latest three-month total up to 717,600.

Biden’s migration headache EXPLODES: a record 242 million people across Latin America now want to leave, many eyeing the US, as border crisis intensifies

  • Share of would-be migrants jumped from 18 to 37 percent this past decade   
  • Latin America now on par with sub-Saharan Africa for numbers seeking an exit 
  • Survey comes after record 251,487 encounters at southern border in December

By James Reinl, Social Affairs Correspondent, For Dailymail.Com Published: 13:04 EST, 24 January 2023

The number of people in Latin America and the Caribbean who wish to migrate has jumped this past decade to 242 million, many eyeing the US, heightening fears about the border crisis.

In 2011, only 18 percent of people in Latin America and the Caribbean wanted to permanently leave their homes. By 2021, that had risen to 37 percent of the region’s 655 million people, Gallup polling shows.

The desire to migrate rose faster in South America than anywhere else in the world. By the end of 2021, the share of Latinos wishing to migrate was on par with those in poverty-wracked sub-Saharan Africa.

In some South American nations — Honduras, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic — as much as half of the total population expressed a desire to move and live abroad permanently.

The survey comes amid record numbers of migrants trying to enter the US irregularly from Mexico, with Republicans criticizing President Joe Biden, a Democrat, over what they call his ‘loose’ or ‘open’ border.


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