74% of Pennsylvania Voters Approve of Voter ID But Not Radical BLM Advocate And PA Gov. Tom Wolf

Radical BLM advocate and PA Gov. Tom Wolf leads protest against the police during his ordered lockdown.

Wolf is also ignoring new polling from Franklin & Marshall College, which shows that Pennsylvania voters believe election reform is necessary. Among voters polled, 81% favor signature matching for mail-in ballots and 74% approve of voter identification requirements – both tenets of HB 1300. 

…democracy fails if voters don’t believe the elections are conducted fairly.

Op-Ed: PA Gov. Attacks Lawmakers’ Sensible Election Reforms

un 25, 2021 CommentaryNathan Benefield

Originally published in RealClear Politics.

After the 2020 election, many Pennsylvania voters were left confused, frustrated, and distrustful. A new and inefficient mail-in balloting process, unrealistic and shifting voting deadlines, and often non-binding guidance from state government led to varied experiences across precincts and delays in reporting the election’s results. 

Issues concerning Pennsylvania’s administration of elections, though, weren’t limited to last November. The past two primaries, for example, were also plagued by malfunctioning voting machines and long delays in ballot counting. The process was further clouded by agenda-setting financiers who sent grants to counties in an attempt to influence local election processes.

Recognizing these facts, state legislators, county officials, and even Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and his secretary of state called for improving the state’s election laws to ensure access, integrity, and, most important, trust. In Harrisburg, lawmakers responded with House Bill 1300, comprehensive legislation that passed the state House this week.

Known as the Voting Rights Protection Act, the bill would…

Read more at RealClear Politics.

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