Poll: “overwhelming 80% said that illegal immigration is a serious issue” “68% said … Biden’s White House… encouraging illegal immigration”

Panama Warns US: Terrorists Blending With Migrants …

Terrorists are blending in with migrants entering Panama in an effort to get to the United States, according to Panama Minister of Foreign Affairs Erika Mouynes. “Members of terrorist organizations and sanctioned parties have found their way into Panama, where they are not permitted to enter in the first place, Mouynes wrote for Foreign Policy …

Harvard poll: Whopping 80% see border as ‘serious’ crisis, most want Trump policies restored

BizPac Review|4 days ago Americans have taken notice of the Biden administration’s ineptitude when it comes to the crisis

Harvard poll: 80% see border disaster, want Trump closure restored, reject teaching critical race theory

Paul Bedard – Sat, June 26, 2021

The Biden administration is failing big time with its inability to control illegal immigration, adding it to one of several issues that could doom Democrats if left unchecked.

In a new Harvard/Harris poll, an overwhelming 80% said that illegal immigration is a serious issue and one that needs more attention than what President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris are giving.

What’s more, 68% said that signals from Biden’s White House are encouraging illegal immigration, and 55% believe that former President Donald Trump’s border closing policies should have been left in place.


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