One Man’s Nazi Is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter: ‘Meet Some of America’s Newest Best Friends’

Ukrainian Azov Battalion

Joe Biden Repeats Charlottesville ‘Very Fine People Hoax’ at NATO Summit

Biden, Harris condemn U.S. racism, sexism in blunt language

Biden Leads Standing Ovation for the Ukrainian People

Ukraine Makes Birthday of Nazi Collaborator a National Holiday and Bans Book Critical of Anti-Semitic Leader

A cop in Ukraine said he was detaining me because I was black…

Jan 2, 2015 – But racism in Ukraine was much more blunt – always in my face, unabashed and in plain view.

Facebook Allows Praise of Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion

Facebook will temporarily allow its billions of users to praise the Azov Battalion, a Ukrainian neo-Nazi military unit previously banned…

Ukrainian doctors ‘told to castrate captured Russians because they are cockroaches’

Ukraine Cuts Power, Train and Bus Services to Crimea – WSJ

One mother of a victim [of the Azov Battalion] even claimed to have received her son’s head in a box—indicating the adoption of the ISIS tactic of beheading.

Besides official channels, there is evidence to suggest that the Azov Battalion received clandestine financing through profits from Burisma, the energy company on whose board Hunter Biden sat.

President Zelensky greatly welcomed Biden’s victory last November, and, in a meeting in April, Biden pledged unwavering support for Ukraine.

That the American public is not bothered by all this is a testament to the success of the incessant anti-Russian propaganda that has been promoted over the last decade—and since the 1917 Russian Revolution more broadly.

“Our Mission is to Lead the White Races of the World in a Final Crusade…Against Semite-led Untermenschen [subhumans]”

By Jeremy Kuzmarov and Steve Brown – July 29, 2021

Victoria Nuland, Biden’s Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs hands out cakes to protestors on the Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine, while serving as US Assistant secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs in a photo released by Ukrainian Union Opposition press services on December 10, 2013.

Meet Some of America’s Newest Best Friends

With barely a whisper of protest from either the media or the American people, Barack Obama and Joe Biden supported and empowered a group of far-right, Nazi-idolizing, Hitler-worshipping, anti-Semitic militias to fight against Russian-backed separatists in Eastern Ukraine.

Members of these militias had participated in the violent and illegal overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine because—well, because they did not like how chummy it was getting with Russia.

Obama’s elite team of foreign policy advisers—Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Samantha Power—did not like the fact that Ukraine’s president, Viktor Yanukovych, was having sensible second thoughts about joining the EU (European Union) and possibly NATO, because it would antagonize Russia, which was not only its major trading partner, but also a touchy nuclear power with which it shared a porous 1,400-mile border.


Ukraine Crisis: War Crimes/Atrocities committed by Ukrainian Army [ENG] (Banned on mainstream media)

182,073 views Jul 4, 2014

Out of Control: Ukraine’s Rogue Militias

8,177,612 views May 25, 2018

In 2014, Ukraine was under siege and the military was unprepared. Desperate, the government urged anyone to get to the front and fight the Russian-backed separatists. As the war drags on, Ukraine claims their military is now in control and the volunteers have all been disbanded. But we tracked down some rogue volunteers still out there fighting, not prepared to hand over their weapons anytime soon.

How Ukraine’s Jewish president Zelensky made peace with neo-Nazi paramilitaries on front lines of war with Russia

The Azov Battalion marches with Nazi-inspired Wolfsangel flags in Mariupol, August 2020

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