While Biden Shatters ALL-TIME Records For Illegal Aliens He Asks For Border Patrol Agents To Volunteer To Be Sent To Poland For ‘Operation Ukraine Support’ To Process Ukrainian Refugees

Rep. Rosendale introduces bill to block military assistance to Ukraine until US border is secured…

Record-breaking number of illegal immigrants, over two million illegal immigrants crossed into US…

U.S. Rep. Susan Wild on her trip to Poland-Ukraine border

JusttheNews.com pointed out that “the request comes six months after a similar effort to process Afghan refugees after the bungled U.S. exit from that country. That operation was sharply criticized Friday by the Pentagon inspector general for poor Defense Department vetting that allowed 50 Afghans posing serious security risks to enter the United States.”

US Border Agents Asked to Leave Southern Border, Go to Poland for ‘Operation Ukraine Support’

Biden’s America-last administration does it again.

Tue Mar 1, 2022 Robert Spencer

The Southern border of the United States is in unimaginable crisis. Border agents set a new record for arrests of people trying to enter the country illegally from Mexico: 1.9 million in 2021. And 402,000 of those were released within the United States, with asylum hearings scheduled, for which some will never show up. Biden has vilified and lied about border officials; they’re clearly just obstacles in the way of his project to bring as many migrants into the country as possible, make sure they vote for the party that keeps their benefits flowing, and thereby secure the Democratic Party’s hegemony for decades to come. Now Biden’s handlers have come up with a new idea for how border agents can keep occupied: they want to send them to Eastern Europe for “Operation Ukraine Support.”

JusttheNews.com reported Thursday that “for the second time in a year, the Biden administration is seeking to divert Customs and Border Protection officers from the southern border crisis to an overseas conflict, this time to help process people fleeing the Russian assault on Ukraine.”


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